Esther Thompson

Free crochet content and community, without the algorithms!!

Join me in my crochet community!

Why You Should Join Me

I love creating free crochet content that is explained in a way that is easy to understand and people will find joy in. I take a lot of pride in my work. 

I love social media, but find that most of the platforms only show my newest content to a very small portion of followers. I am hoping that this will be a place where you can get notified of all my newest content, right away, every time! 

And we can enjoy crocheting together!

About Me

Crochet is my hobby and my job. I love that it can be both! I love creating! I love color! I love texture! I love yarn!

I am also a wife and mom of 3 boys. They take priority over all the yarny things, even though it is sometimes hard to put it aside. I have one son with special needs, and we homeschool part time in order to make school work for him. One of my favorite things about my crochet business is that it is flexible and can be structured around my family's unique needs!